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The new digital MULTITIMER® of DOLD

DOLD Multifunktionszeitrelais MK7830N

Two in one!

The compact MULTITIMER® MK7830N combines many years of experience together with most modern time control technology. For the first time DOLD combines 2 multifunction timers in an enclosure with only 22.5 mm width. The small enclosure and the variety of functions offer a maximum of possibilities in a minimum of width. This saves space and cost.

Your Advantages

  • two independent adjustable multifunction relays in one enclosure
  • minimum width oh 22.5 mm saves space and cost
  • highest precision at shortest but also at longest time settings
  • production results are reproducible when used in standard machines


  • Machine building
  • Plastic moulding
  • Food machinery
  • Laboratory equipment
  • ... and for all applications with sophisticated control functions. 

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