Wireless Enabling Switch

Have a good grip on safety

SAFEMASTER W – Wireless Enabling Switch

Have a good grip on safety

Sometimes, people must enter into the hazardous areas of running machines or systems in order to calibrate the machine or remedy a problem. The wireless enabling switch of the SAFEMASTER W series is the ideal companion for your safety in such situations. It switches off any dangerous movements in just a fraction of a second. The system consists of a lightweight, ultra-compact hand-held transmitter and a radio safety switch with safety-oriented outputs. The signal transmission via radio and/or infra-red ensures that only systems in the field of vision of the hand-held transmitter can be activated.

Kabelloser Zustimmtaster

Your advantages at a glance

Maximum mobility and flexibility at highest safety

Individual configurable push buttons for up to 20 control functions

Comfortable one-hand operation

Fast frequency adoption to environment on the enabling switch

High operating safety by dynamic and redundant data transmission protocol

For safety applications up to Cat 4 / PL e or SIL CL 3

TÜV approved

Ergonomic transmitter for non-tiring operation

Clear operating panel with easy to read display

Maximum freedom of movement due to wireless design

Zertifizierte Sicherheit

Certified safety

The SAFEMASTER W series is approved for use in safety applications up to Cat. 4 / PL e or SIL 3. The latest radio controlled technology ensures reliable protection for people, machinery, and the environment.

In automised processes safety systems block the access to dangerous areas. Often people have to work inside a dangerous area while the machine is in a special operation mode e.g. during test, programming and maintenance.

Especially for these situations the TUEV approved 3-step radiocontrolled enabling switch SAFEMASTER W provides the necessary safety functions. It allows a safe operation and safe disconnection in a dangerous situation. It is designed for universal usage and allows maximum mobility and flexibility. In the case of danger the operator presses the button fully or releases it from middle position. The machine goes into safe state.

Safety related data:

  • Cat 4 / PL e to DIN EN ISO 13849-1
  • Safety Integrity Level (SIL 3) to IEC/EN 61508
Kabelloser Zustimmtaster

In addition the unit has a display and 4 programmable push buttons to actuate up to 20 control functions. This allows to adopt the device to the actual application. The ergonomic designed enabling switch with large display provides a comfortable one hand operation.

Some setting possibilities at a glance:

  • Configuration of push buttons
  • Assigning push buttons to outputs
  • Individual programmable display text
  • Frequency adoption to ambient requirements
  • Adjustment of radio signal strength
  • Blocking of push buttons

Fields of application

Setup and maintenance of robot cells

Maintenance of dangerous machines

Maintenance of automated storage systems

Entering machine working areas during setup

Manual interfering in automatic processes

… and for all applications with access to dangerous areas. Please contact us.

System components

 Funk-Sicherheitsmodul BI 6910

Radio Controlled Safety Module BI 6910

The radio controlled safety module BI 6910 reacts on the signals of the corresponding enabling switch and the wired safety components. To detect the corresponding enabling switch frequency and identity code must be identical.

 Funk-Zustimmtaster RE 6910

Radio Controlled Enabling Switch RE 6910

The radio controlled eanbling switch RE 6910 includes a LCD display to indicate the function settings as well as über 4 function buttons for radio remote control. It does not replace conventional safety circuits, but offers additional features. I.e. wired safety circuits remain active, although a remote control is used.

Innovative safety solutions

As a solution provider in the field of safe automation and electrical safety, DOLD offers a comprehensive portfolio from a single source. Our SAFEMASTER solutions have been used successfully worldwide for many decades.