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Switch cabinet enclosure

KV 4612 steckbar

  • KV4612-steckbar
The multifunctional enclosure series KV 4600 is a modular empty enclosure system for top-hat... altro

Descrizione del prodotto

The multifunctional enclosure series KV 4600 is a modular empty enclosure system for top-hat rail installation. The I/O enclosure system with a minimum overall width of 12.5 mm is particularly suitable for modern control and industrial IoT applications and a number of further applications. The pluggable push-in connection technology is preferably integrated from the front side. The wiring, reading of signals or the connection of plugs is therefore practice-oriented and convenient in the application. Furthermore, the integrated test point allows for a quick diagnosis on site. The few enclosure components also allow for a quick and easy installation by means of snapping.

Nowadays, device systems are often contacted and managed decentrally by bus systems. For this purpose, the I/O enclosure system offers connecting elements that are separately available and make it possible to link the individual modules.

Specifiche tecniche

Width: 12,5 mm
Height: 128 mm
Depth: 66 mm
Description: Isolierstoffgehäuse mit Frontanschlusstechnik
Enclosure type: KV 4603

Vorteile / Kundennutzen

  • Full functionality at the enclosure front
  • Quick installation by simplified enclosure design
  • More connections within lower overall width – up to 20 poles per 12.5 mm module (5 slots per circuit board)
  • PCB surface of 6429 mm² allows for manifold applications and a cost-effective design of the PCB use
  • High mechanical stability and vibration resistance
  • Quick, toolless, direct and vibration-resistant connection of the conductors
  • The pluggable push-in terminal technology meets the high requirements to the reflow soldering process


  • Complete functionality at the front for display or control elements, connection technology, NFC and radio technology
  • Space-saving module width of only 12.5 mm with an installation depth of 66 mm
  • Pluggable push-in terminals 4-pin in the grid 5.0 mm
  • The integrated plug removal aid allows for the convenient unlocking of individual terminal blocks. An ideal solution for decentral assemblies with high connection density and limited spatial conditions
  • Easy and safe installation by snapping mechanism at rear side
  • Easy and cost-effective realization of customer-specific adaptations
  • Optionally, each terminal point can be assigned to a light conductor
  • Common bus concepts can be integrated into the bottom assembly
  • Optional mounting rail bus system (In-Rail-Bus)