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  • In-Rail-Bus

Specifiche tecniche

Type: In-Rail-Bus
Description: In-Rail-Bus

Vorteile / Kundennutzen

• Reliable and consistent supply, connection and distribution of energy, signals and data


  • Universal use with various enclosure types
  • High current (5 A per pcb-rail)
  • Quick and easy mounting in the DIN-rail
  • Contour and layout of the bus pcb can be adapted according to customers' requirements e.g. defined by the customer
  • Designed for standard DIN-rail dimensions
  • Optional coding of the bus system to prevent incorrect assembly
  • Large stand-off to DIN-rail floor allows the mounting of SMD components on the bus pcb underside
  • The carrier profile is securely fixed by safety caps (left and right) on the DIN-rail
  • Pcb rail "breaks" are possible, e.g. for operation of bus signals inside instruments