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IL 5991

Fault Annunciator System

IL 5991


Nominal voltage

Response delay


  • 0049189
  • IL5991 AC50/60HZ 230V 1S
For monitoring of industrial plants and buildings. altro

Descrizione del prodotto

For monitoring of industrial plants and buildings.

Specifiche tecniche

Width: 35 mm
Alarm inputs: 4
Alarm inputs extendable up to: 160
Operating principle: Energized on trip, De-energized on trip
Operate delay: Yes
Enclosure design: Distribution board
Optional buzzer: Yes
Optical signal: LED
Type: IL 5991


  • According to DIN 19235
  • Common alarm annunciator
  • Expandable from 4 up to 160 inputs
  • Open circuit inputs / closed circuit inputs  selectable via bridges X1-X2
  • Delayed inputs up to 10 s
  • Acknowledgement push button QH for external buzzer built in
  • Accessories: Buzzer IK 8832, SK 8832
  • Devices available in 2 enclosure versions:
    I-model: depth 61 mm, with terminals at the bottom for installations 
    systems and industrial distribution systems according to DIN 43 880
    S-model: depth 100 mm, with terminals at the top for 
    cabinets with mounting plate and cable duct
  • Width 35 mm
  • Fault annunciator IL 5990, SL 5990:
    4 inputs with LED on control unit
    1 output for common signal and 1 output for audible alarm