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RN 5897/300

Insulation monitor

RN 5897/300


Auxiliary voltage

Alarm value

Prewarning value

Approvals and Markings


  • 0066942
  • RN5897.12/300/61 AC/DC24-60V
The insulation monitor RN 5897/300 of the VARIMETER IMD family is a solution for optimal... altro

Descrizione del prodotto

The insulation monitor RN 5897/300 of the VARIMETER IMD family is a solution for optimal insulation monitoring of modern IT systems. The device can be used in the most flexible way for AC, DC and AC/DC systems. The adjustment of the setting values is simple and user friendly done on 3 rotary switches on the front of the device. Via multicolor LED the device status is indicated easy to read. With a sealable transparent cover the device is protectet against manipulation.

Specifiche tecniche

Width: 52,5 mm
Classification: For mobile power generators
Response value: 10 - 250 kΩ
IMD type: AC, DC, AC/DC
Nominal voltage IT system: AC 0 - 230, DC 0 - 230 V
Auxiliary voltage: DC, AC/DC
Earth fault indicator: Yes
Approvals: UL
Response value type: Adjustable
Enclosure design: Distribution board
Type: RN 5897/300

Vorteile / Kundennutzen

  • For mobile generator sets according to DIN VDE 0100-551
  • Preventive fire and system protection
  • Detection of symmetric and asymmetric insulation faults
  • Universal application in non-earthed AC, DC, AC/DC networks up to max. 300 V
  • Easy adjustment of response values and setting parameter via rotational switch
  • Suitable for large leakage capacitances up to 30 μF
  • Monitoring also with voltage-free mains
  • Measuring circuit L(+)/L(-) with broken wire detection (can be switched off)
  • Protective conductor PE1/PE2 with broken wire detection (can't be switched off)
  • No additional coupling device required


  • Insulation monitoring according to IEC/EN 61557-8
  • 2 separate adjustable response thresholds (using e.g. for pre-Alarm and Alarm)
  • Setting range of 1st response value (Pre-Alarm): 20 kΩ … 1 MΩ:
  • Setting range of 2nd response value (Alarm): 10 kΩ … 250 kΩ
  • 2 changeover contacts für insulation failures-Pre-Alarm and -Alarm
  • Energized or de-energized on trip can be selected for indicator relay
  • LED for status indication
  • Automatic and manual device self-test
  • Alarm storage selectable
  • Protection against manipulation by sealable transparent cover
  • External control input for combined Test-/Reset-button
  • 3 wide voltage input for auxiliary voltage
  • Width 52.5 mm