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UH 5892

Insulation monitor

UH 5892


Auxiliary voltage

Alarm value

Terminal type


  • 0066309
  • UH5892.11PS UH AC/DC24-60V 50K
The insulation monitor UH 5892 of the series varimeter IMD monitors the ground resistance... altro

Descrizione del prodotto

The insulation monitor UH 5892 of the series varimeter IMD monitors the ground resistance of  isolated DC-voltage systems (IT-systems) with nominal voltage up to DC 600 V. The unit detects symmetrical as well as unsymmetrical faults. The separate auxiliary supply of AC/DC 24...60 V or AC/DC 85...230 V allows also monitoring when the system is without voltage. To indicate the actual ground resistance value the unit has an LED chain and an analogue output. When a fault is detected the relay switches and the red LED Alarm lights up, The device can be used for system with leakage capacities up to 20 uF.

Specifiche tecniche

Width: 45 mm
Response value: 50 kΩ
IMD type: AC, DC, AC/DC
Nominal voltage IT system: AC 0 - 400, DC 0 - 600 V
Auxiliary voltage: AC/DC
Earth fault indicator: Yes
Connection for indicator: Yes
Response value type: Fixed
Enclosure design: Switch cabinet
Type: UH 5892

Vorteile / Kundennutzen

  • Preventive fire and system protection
  • Insulation monitoring of DC voltage systems up to 600 V nominal voltage
  • No additional coupling device required
  • Suitable for leakage capacitances up to 20 μF
  • Monitoring also with voltage-free mains
  • 2 wide voltage input ranges for auxiliary voltage


  • Insulation monitoring according to IEC/EN 61557-8
  • Detection of symmetric and asymmetric insulation faults
  • 1 changeover contact for alarm
  • Fixed response value RAN: 50 kΩ, other on request
  • Internal reset and test pushbutton
  • External test and reset pushbutton can be connected
  • LED indicator for auxiliary voltage and alarm
  • LED chain to indicate the current insulation resistance
  • Automatic or manual reset, programmable
  • Analogue output for insulating value
  • External indicating instrument can be connected
  • Closed circuit operation
  • Open circuit operation on request
  • With pluggable terminal blocks for easy exchange of devices
    - with screw terminals
    - or with cage clamp terminals
  • Width 45 mm