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IK 9144

Standstill Monitor

IK 9144


Time range

Auxiliary voltage


  • 0057162
  • IK9144.11 DC24V 0,1-20S
The standstill monitors IK 9144, IL 9144, SK 9144 and SL 9144 monitors the standstill of motors.... altro

Descrizione del prodotto

The standstill monitors IK 9144, IL 9144, SK 9144 and SL 9144 monitors the standstill of motors. They recognise and monitor impulse signals of e. g. proximity sensors and protect machines and produced material or allows speed depending switching in production processes.

Specifiche tecniche

Width: 17,5 mm
Measuring range max.: 300000 IPM
Auxiliary voltage: DC
Classification: Stillstandsüberwachung
Output contacts: 1 C/O contact
Enclosure design: Distribution board
Type: IK 9144


  • According to IEC/EN 60255-1
  • Detection of standstill of rotating machine parts and cyclic pulses
  • Detection of blocking or missing pulses
  • Monitoring time adjustable between 0.1 ... 20 s (others on request)
  • Energized or de-energized on trip
  • For input frequency up to 5 kHz( 300000 ipm)
  • Universal input, suitable for a variety of sensors (PNP,NPN,2-wire, contact, voltage)
  • Input also suitable for SKF sensor bearings
  • As option for Namur sensors
  • On request with manual reset
  • IK 9144 and SK 9144: compact version for DC 24V auxiliary supply
  • IL 9144 and SL 9144: for auxiliary supply up to AC 400V with galvanic separation to sensor input
  • LED indicators for auxiliary supply, sensor pulses and contact position
  • 1 changeover contact (2 changeover on request)
  • Devices available in 2 enclosure versions:
    IK/IL 9144: depth 59 mm, with terminals at the bottom for installation systems and industrial distribution systems according to DIN 43 880
    SK/SL 9144: depth 98 mm, with terminals at the top for cabinets with mounting plate and cable duct
  • IK 9144, SK 9144: width 17.5 mm
  • IL 9144, SL 9144: width 35 mm