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IK 8810/003

Staircase lighting time switch

IK 8810/003


Nominal voltage

Time range


  • 0057584
  • IK8810.41/003 AC230V 0,5-10M/2-40M
Time delayed switching off for lights: altro

Descrizione del prodotto

Time delayed switching off for lights:

Specifiche tecniche

Width: 17,5 mm
Depth: 58 mm
Thermal current Ith: 16 A
Resettable: Yes
Time extension by long push button operation: Yes
Prewarning function before time expiry: Yes
Output contacts max.: 1 NO contact
Type: IK 8810/003


  • According to EN 60669
  • Setting range: short pressing of button 0.5 ... 10 min
    long pressing of button 2 ... 40 min
  • For 4-wire circuit L on push button and
    3-wire circuit N on push button
  • Can be retriggered
  • with pre-warning shortly before end of time
  • Switch for continuous light on unit
  • Contact: 16 A
  • Width 17.5 mm