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Hybrid relays - perfectly combined

Hybrid relays combine the advantages of robust relay technology with wear-resistant semiconductor technology in a perfect way

Classic electromechanical relays offer a significant advantage over solid-state relays. While solid-state relays generate heat permanently due to the forward voltage, which must be dissipated by heat sinks at higher load currents, the current-carrying relay contact has a very low contact resistance and thus generates hardly any heat loss.

Solid-state relays are insensitive to shock and vibration. Their strengths lie above all in the switch-on and switch-off processes. No bouncing, no electric arcs, no mechanical wear - and thus an almost unlimited electrical service life.

The hybrid relay IK 3070/200 from DOLD perfectly combines the advantages of both worlds. When switched on, the solid-state first switches in the zero crossing of the alternating voltage. A few milliseconds later, the relay contact takes over the continuous current and ensures low power dissipation. When the relay is switched off, the current is first transferred from the relay to the solid-state, which then switches off at zero current. In this way, surge voltages and currents in the load circuit are minimized and minimal electromagnetic interference is caused.

Due to the combination of the different switching technologies, the IK 3070/200 is particularly suitable for applications that require a high switching capacity and a long service life at the same time. It is therefore particularly suitable for systems in which a standstill leads to high costs, i.e. the relay should function reliably over as long a period as possible. Such applications can be found in automation technology and the process industry as well as in offshore wind turbines.