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KU 4054

Distribution enclosure with cage clamp terminals

KU 4054

  • KU4054

Specifiche tecniche

Width: 140 mm
Height: 90 mm
Depth: 74,5 mm
Number of terminals max.: 64
Description: Isolierstoffgehäuse für Einbau in Verteilungen und Aufbaumontage, mit steckbarem Baugruppenträger und Käfigzugfeder-Klemmen
Enclosure type: KU 4054


  • Width 140 mm
  • Ideal for building-in of BUS compatible equipment
  • Plug-in carriers for Field-BUS specific control modules, providing an excellent compatibility with the field-bus system
  • Max. 64 terminals with each 2 cage clamp terminals
  • Will take one PCB on the base and two PCBs in the carriers
  • Machine solderable connctions
  • Housing supplied as single parts, terminals prefitted in terminal blocks