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Option module


  • ST2451.002
The robust option module ST2451 enables the incorporation of command functions in the safety... altro

Descrizione del prodotto

The robust option module ST2451 enables the incorporation of command functions in the safety switch and key transfer system SAFEMASTER STS. It has 3 selectable command devices and allows for starting and stop of safety-relevant functions. Emergency stop buttons, illuminated buttons or selector switches, with or without key operation, are available as command devices.

With just a few individual components from the SAFEMASTER STS system, a great variety of different interlocking units can be created and combined with various option modules. Numerous units with command functions can be created. This enables a switch unit or locking switch to grow into a true "control centre" from where command functions, status displays, release signals, main- and maintenance access gates can be controlled.

The special ribbon cable with plug-in connector ensures rapid and problem-free internal connection of the individual components. Installation a standalone command device is also possible through M20 or M25 cable entries and double cage clamp terminals. The standard version made on stainless steel guarantees the highest degree of stability and safety, even in harsh environmental conditions. A comprehensive range of accessories enables simple and time-saving installation directly at the access point. The SL option module is a separate control and / or display unit without the possibility of combination with other SAFEMASTER STS units. It is intended for use in the hostile ambient conditions.

Specifiche tecniche

Functionality: 3 Buttons
Version: Stainless steel
Description: Simple incorporation of command functions into the SAFEMASTER STS systems
Type: ST2451.002

Vorteile / Kundennutzen

  • Simple incorporation of command functions into the SAFEMASTER STS systems
  • High flexibility through comprehensive selection of command functions
  • Saves costs through reduction of engineering, assembly and wiring costs
  • Increased plant availability through faster access resulting from:
    - Direct installation on protective doors
    - High level of user-friendliness
    - Faster service for the command devices
  • Suitable for harsh environmental conditions due to robust stainless steel housing
  • Space-saving installation on protective barriers thanks to a slim design
  • Can also be incorporated into the safety circuit as standalone command device
  • Connection technology and cable entries for heavy industry requirements
  • Simple module connection via plug-in connectors
  • Different coloured panels and symbol plates selectable


  • Command functions via illuminated buttons
  • Emergency stop via emergency stop button
  • Connection technology with double-spring clamp terminals for wires up to 1.5 mm2
  • Enclosure made from stainless steel
  • Can be individually mounted
  • Can be cascaded
  • M20 cable entries underneath and two M25 cable entries on side
  • M20 cable entries on top when installed as a standalone option module
  • Optional conection set for plug-in connectors between switch module / locking switch module and option module
  • Plug-in connection between command device in the cover and option module ST2451