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IK 8715

Priority relay

IK 8715

Rated current range


  • 0026236
  • IK8715 6-20A
The priority relay IK 8715 is used in the installation of electrical systems when the... more

Product description

The priority relay IK 8715 is used in the installation of electrical systems when the cross-sections of the wires are too small to allow two large electricity consumers to be operated at the same time. This is frequently the case in residential electrical systems, e.g. when a flow heater is supposed to be installed to supply hot water in addition to electric storage heaters. If IK 8715 is used, the electrical connection does not have to be dimensioned for the simultaneous operation of both large consumers. The connection fee that has to be paid on the basis of the maximum power that is to be supplied (German BTO regulations § 6, Paragraph 4) can also be reduced. When the equipment that needs to be operated for short periods of time is to be turned on (e.g. a flow heater), then the priority relay switches the consumers off that are operated for longer periods of time (e.g. night storage heaters).

Technical specifications

Width: 17,5 mm
For top hat rail mounting: Yes
Output contacts max.: 1 NC contact
Type: IK 8715


  • Cost savings
  • Reduces the size of the wire cross-sections
    required for large electricity consumers


  • According to IEC/EN 60669
  • Width 17.5 mm