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Latest press releases from DOLD

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Press Center

Latest press releases from DOLD

Now new with safety-related direction of rotation monitoring
Find the right product for your own application!
Quick installation, easy to retrofit
By monitoring three-phase systems for under-/overvoltage, phase sequence, asymmetry or power failure, plant components can be protected against damage.
Insulation monitoring for DC charging stations with extended temperature range from -40 to +70 °C
Hybrid relays combine the advantages of robust relay technology with wear-resistant semiconductor technology in a perfect way
TÜV certified softstarter up to 30 kW with braking function - energy efficiency and safety combined
The electronic enclosure KV 4600 sets new standards in modularity and function.
Door handle actuator for SAFEMASTER STS
Multifunctional measuring relay with Modbus connection
Standstill monitor safe and sensorless with only 22.5 mm width
Softstarter for starting current limitation and jerk-free starting
Smart motorstarter with automatic phase sequence correction
Safety module for use in safety circuits of lift systems according to the new EN 81-20
Interface module HL 3094N - Rail traffic continues to increase. Longer, heavier, faster and always safer
Fast charging but safe - insulation monitoring in DC charging stations
Guard lock with command and indication functions
Smart motorstarter with Modbus RTU
Now also approved for use on ships
More safety in a space-saving 17.5 mm
Safety and control functions via radio
Robust stainless steel mechanism in an attractive fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) design
Safe frequency monitor now also with UL apporval
Increased availability of machines and devices
Reliable Insulation Surveillance in IT Networks
Configurable safety system SAFEMASTER PRO
Increased safety with machines and devices
Intelligent motorstarter with motor protection function
Reliable insulation monitoring in mixed IT networks
Flexible option module for safety switch and trapped key interlock system
Protect motors by VARIMETER EX
With 8 forcibly guided contacts!
Soft starter with thermal motor protection for three-phase current compressors
Voltage monitoring in three-phase mains
Quick insulation fault location in unearthed mains
Soft starter for the 1.5 to 7.5 kW power range
Integrated residual current measurement increases availability
Ergonomic, flexible, safe
Reliable insulation monitoring in mixed IT networks
With 8 forcibly guided contacts
One device for many applications
Configurable safety system SAFEMASTER PRO