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RR 5886

Locating current injector

RR 5886

Auxiliary voltage


  • 0068220
  • RR5886 AC/DC85-230V
The locating current injector RR 5886 in connection with the insulation fault locator RR 5887... more

Product description

The locating current injector RR 5886 in connection with the insulation fault locator RR 5887 monitors and localises insulation faults in complex AC/DC networks (IT systems). The external current transformers work independently of each other. They are simply connected to the measuring channels of the insulation fault locator RR 5887 and are calibrated by it. The number of measuring channels is increased by combining several insulation fault locators via a RS-485 bus connection. The search for insulation faults in extensive networks can be refined in this manner. Two different alarm levels facilitate the timely detection of a dangerous insulation state. The devices are operated easily and intuitively thanks to automatic balancing and a clear layout of the setting elements. The early detection and localisation of insulations faults permits their quick and targeted correction. As user you will benefit from the operating reliability and high availability of your system.

Technical specifications

Width: 105 mm
Operating mode: Master / Slave
Nominal voltage IT system: DC, AC, 3AC 24 - 455 V
Auxiliary voltage: AC/DC 24 - 80 V, AC/DC 85 - 230 V
Bus interface: Modbus RTU, RS-485
Type: RR 5886


  • Quick correction of insulation faults in complex power networks
  • Universal auxiliary voltage range


  • Insulation troubleshooting in AC, DC and AC/DC networks (IT systems) in connection with the insulation fault locator RR 5887 according to DIN EN 61557-9 (VDE 0413-9):2009 and DIN EN 61557-1 (VDE 0413-1)
  • Insulation coordination according to IEC 60664-1
  • External control via insulation monitor possible
  • Positive and negative test current to monitor DC networks and networks with simultaneous alternating current and direct current portions present
  • RS-485 bus connection to synchronise the test current analysis and optionally for the connection to the Modbus RTU field bus
  • Modbus RTU interface for controlling the insulation fault location and readout of insulation fault currents
  • Pushbutton for manual test current output
  • Terminal connection for automatic test current output
  • Status output of insulation fault detection via external switching output
  • Width: 105 mm