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MH 9352/001

Phase monitor

MH 9352/001


Nominal voltage

Terminal type


  • 0062548
  • MH9352.13PC/001 3AC85-550V >U=AC85V
The Phase monitor MH 9352/001 of the VARIMETER series monitors over and undervoltage, voltage... more

Product description

The Phase monitor MH 9352/001 of the VARIMETER series monitors over and undervoltage, voltage failure as well as wrong phase sequence at three-phase networks. The measurement is very simple and can be carried out without much wiring effort, as no separate auxiliary voltage is required. Early detection of impending failtures and preventive maintenance prevent costly damage and as a user you benefit from the operational safety and high availability of your system.

Technical specifications

1- / 3-phase: 3
Output contacts: 3 C/O contacts
Width: 45 mm
Enclosure design: Switch cabinet
Type: MH 9352/001


  • Space and cost saving due to 3 devices in one housing
  • Easy fault diagnostics by 3 separate DEL
    - Overvoltage
    - Undervoltage
    - Phase sequence and power failure
  • Differentiated error transfer to PLC possible, e.g. for logging of error type and time
  • Large measuring range 3 AC 85 ... 550 V by built-in power supply with wide voltage range


  • Acc. to IEC/EN 60255-1
  • 3 phases mains monitoring on
    - Overvoltage
    - Undervoltage
    - Phase sequence and voltage failure
  • 3 separate output relais with 1 changeover contact each
  • Without N connection
  • Closed circuit operation
  • As option with different connection blocks
    - With fixed screw terminals
    - With plug-in screw terminals
    - With plug-in cage-clamp terminals
  • Width: 45 mm