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RL 9405

Energy meter, for Modbus

RL 9405

Nominal voltage


  • 0069092
  • RL9405 3/N AC80-230V 50Hz
The energy meter RL 9405 of the VARIMETER PRO series is consumed for measuring electrical... more

Product description

The energy meter RL 9405 of the VARIMETER PRO series is consumed for measuring electrical parameters and energy consumption in 3-phase networks with neutral conductor. Voltages and currents are continuously scanned and evaluated. The measured values can be read out via a Modbus RTU interface. Due to its compact design width of only 35 mm, the energy meter ist also ideally suited for use in confined spaces. Energy consumptions are stored in the device after switching off the supply voltage. The RL 9405 is designed for the use of current transformers with 100 mA, 1 A or 5 A secondary rated current or with 333 mV secondary rated voltage. The winding ratio is adjustable via Modbus and thus enables the connection of commercially available current transformers. The device is consumed in energy distribution systems and IT data centers for consumption monitoring.

Technical specifications

Width: 35 mm
1- / 3-phase: 3
Standard measuring range: 3/N AC 80 - 230 V
Measuring range max.: 230 V
Auxiliary voltage: Without
Bus interface: Modbus RTU
Enclosure design: Distribution board
Type: RL 9405


  • More space in the control cabinet due to compact design
  • Provision of measured values via Modbus


  • Continuous scanning of voltages and currents in 3-phase networks with earthed neutral conductor (TN-, TT- systems)
  • Measurement of effective and peak values of phase voltage and phase current as well as mains frequency, power factor, active power, reactive power, apparent power, active energy, reactive energy and apparent energy
  • Galvanic separated Modbus RTU interface
  • Simple setting of Modbus address and baud rate on the device
  • Current transformers ratio adjustable via Modbus
  • Permanent storage of the measured energy values in the device
  • No separate auxiliary voltage necessary (generated fron the measured voltage of all three phases)
  • Width: 35 mm