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BL 9028

Softstarter with braking function

BL 9028


Auxiliary voltage

Mains / motor voltage

Nominal motor power


  • 0068471
  • BL9028.03/010 3AC200-480V UH=DC24V
Softstarters are electronic devices designed to enable 1-phase or 3-phase induction motors to... more

Product description

Softstarters are electronic devices designed to enable 1-phase or 3-phase induction motors to start smoothly. By means of internal current monitoring we realise different protective functions, when stalling the motor or during heavy duty starting. The semiconductors are bridged after softstart by relay contacts. This reduces power dissipation and heating. The device parameters are adjusted using potentiometers. LEDs indicate the status of the device.

Technical specifications

Widths: 112,5 mm
Load voltage up to: 3AC 480 V
For three-phase motors, 400 V up to: 15 kW
Auxiliary voltage required: Yes
Signalling output: Yes
Extra functions: Temperature monitoring, Mains monitoring
Type: BL 9028


  • According to IEC/EN 60947-4-2
  • 2-phase motor control
  • For motors up to 11 kW at 3 AC 400 V
  • Separate settings for start and brake time, as well as
    starting and braking torque
  • No braking contactor necessary
  • Function test of brake circuit before softstart
  • With automatic standstill detection
  • Current monitoring
    - to protect the power semiconductors
    - for device protection at stalled motor
  • Maintenance- and wearfree
  • Auxiliary DC 24 V
  • Monitors undervoltage and phase sequence
  • With input to detect motor temperature via PTC (variant /_1_)
  • 3 relay outputs for indicaiton of status and fault with LED-indication
  • Width: 112.5 mm