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IL 9017/300

Softstarter with softstop

IL 9017/300

Mains / motor voltage

Nominal motor power


  • 0058831
  • IL9017/300 AC230V 1,5KW
These softstart and softstop devices are robust electronic control units for softstart and... more

Product description

These softstart and softstop devices are robust electronic control units for softstart and softstop of AC motors. By means of phase-angle control the current rises e. g drops continuously. The motor torque behaves in the same way during start-up e.g. deceleration. This ensures that the drive can start and stop without jerking. This eliminates the risk of damage to drive elements because the sudden starting e.g. deceleration torque does not occur during direct switch-on. This feature allows a low-cost design of the drive elements. A significant reduction in starting noise can also be observed. In belt conveyor systems, slippage or tipping over of the conveyed material is avoided. After successful start-up, the power electronics are bridged by means of an internal relay contact in order to minimise the losses in the device.

Technical specifications

Widths: 35 mm
Load voltage up to: AC 230 V
For single-phase motors, 230 V up to: 1,5 kW
Type: IL 9017/300


  • According to IEC/EN 60947-4-2
  • Increases life of 1-phase squirrel motors and mechanical drives
  • For single phase motors up to 1.5 kW
  • Adjustable ramp time/deceleration time and starting torque/deceleration torque
  • Control input for Start/Stop
  • Semiconductors will be bridged after start up
  • LED indication
  • Width 35 mm