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RP 9210/300

Softstart / Softstop with reverse function

RP 9210/300

Nominal voltage

Nominal motor power

Ramp time


  • 0061674
  • RP9210/100 3AC400V50/60HZ 1-10S
The softstart/softstop devices with reversing function are mainly used for soft reversing of... more

Product description

The softstart/softstop devices with reversing function are mainly used for soft reversing of motors. The softart/sofstop function reduces the innertia when reversing, giving less stress to the mechanical components. Less wearing and lower maintenance cost are the result. The parameters for ramp up time and ramp down time as well as start and stop innertia are set via potentiometers. A thermistor or thermal switch can be connected to monitor the motor temperature. Non-wearing reversing by hybrid-technology.

Technical specifications

Widths: 72 mm
Load voltage up to: 3AC 400 V
For three-phase motors, 400 V up to: 0,75 kW
Auxiliary voltage required: Yes
Signalling output: Yes
Extra functions: Temperature monitoring
Type: RP 9210/300


  • 3 functions in one unit
  • Easy setup
  • No EMC-filter necessary


  • According to EN 60947-4-2
  • For controlling of 3-phase motors up to 750 W
  • With 2-phase softstart and softstop
  • Temperature monitoring of the motors with PTC or thermal switch
  • 3 potentiometer for adjustment of softstart, softstop and starting - deceleration time
  • 3 LED-indicators
  • Reversing with relays, softstart and softstop with thyristors
  • 2 x 24 V-inputs for clockwise rotation, anticlockwise rotation
  • Short circuit proof for 24 V monitoring output
  • Galvanic separation of control circuit and power circuit
  • Width 72 mm