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UG 3088

Interface module

UG 3088


Nominal voltage

Terminal type


  • 0066280
  • UG3088.59PS DC24V
The interface module UG3088 includes 2 separate devices in one enclosure. Because of its... more

Product description

The interface module UG3088 includes 2 separate devices in one enclosure. Because of its forcibly guided contacts a safe interfacing between control circuit and load circuit is provided. It can also be used to multiply and reinforce the contacts of safety modules. Different internal configuration possibilities allow to offer interface modules for various applications. To switch e.g. high DC loads the the output contacts can be connected in series. On the module with 2NO and 2 NC contacts these can be connected internally as changeover contacts. Also a common control of both relays with only one input can be done.

Technical specifications

Width: 22,5 mm
Nominal voltage: AC, DC
Thermal current Ith max.: 2,5 A
Enclosure design: Switch cabinet
Connection: Pluggable screw terminals
Output contacts max.: 6 NO contacts, 2 NC contacts
Type: UG 3088


  • According to IEC/EN 60947-5-1
  • Economic and space safing because of 2 separate interface modules in one enclosure
  • Simple contact multiplication and reinforcement - also of safety modules
  • Cost and space saving alternative compared to contactors
  • Simple contact monitoring by forcibly guided contacts
  • With pluggable terminal blocks for easy exchange of devices


  • With forcibly guided contacts according to IEC 61810-3
  • Version with up to 2 x 4 contacts
  • Variant to switch high DC-load
  • Width: 22,5 mm