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Multifunction relay

EO 9920/200


Nominal voltage

Time range


  • 0041478
  • EO9920.82/200 AC/DC24-240V ,05S-30H
The MULTITIMER EO 9920 is a multifunction relay wit 10 selectable time ranges and 4 selectable... more

Product description

The MULTITIMER EO 9920 is a multifunction relay wit 10 selectable time ranges and 4 selectable functions. The device is a plug in version for surface or DIN rail mounting with a plug-in socket. Flush mounting is also possible with an additional mounting frame for front panel installation. 2 LEDs show operational voltage and status of the output contacts. Function and time range can be selected via dip switches on the front. To control the device in function "A" off- delay and "WA" fleeting on break a volt-free contact is connected to terminals 6-7. When using the other functions 6-7 must be bridged.

Technical specifications

Width: 35 mm
Nominal voltage: AC/DC
Time range: 0,05 s - 30 h
Time function(s): On-delay, Off-delay, with control signal, Fleeting on make, Fleeting on break
Output contacts: 2 C/O contacts
Enclosure design: Switch cabinet
Type: EO 9920/200


  • Flush mounting- or DIN rail mounting


  • According to IEC/EN 61812-1
  • 10 time ranges from 0.05 s ... 30 h
  • Programmable on front side for
    - On delay (E)
    - Release delay (A)
    - Fleeting on make (WE)
    - Fleeting on break (WA)
  • 2 changeover contacts
  • Voltage range AC/DC 24 ... 240 V