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Locking module


Locking modules ZRX, ZAX and ZRH are assembled with other modules to an STS unit. They serve as... more

Product description

Locking modules ZRX, ZAX and ZRH are assembled with other modules to an STS unit. They serve as a solenoid lock of separating guards on machines, e.g. with cycle and overrun times or other hazards which may still be present even following access queries. It must therefore be ensured that there is no hazard remaining when removing the actuator or key and access can be unlocked.

Technical specifications

Version: Stainless steel
Description: Modul zur Überwachung, Verriegelung und Freigabe von Schutzeinrichtungen (Ruhestromprinzip), mit mechanische Hilfsentriegelung


  • EU-Test certificate according to the directive 2006/42/EG, annex IX
  • For safety applications up to PLe/Category 4 according to EN ISO 13849-1
  • Modular and expandable system
  • Rugged composite version of stainless steel and plastic design
  • Wireless mechanical safeguarding
  • Combines the benefits of safety switch, solenoid locking and key transfer in a single system
  • Easy installation through comprehensive accessories
  • Protection against lock-in
  • Coding level low, medium, high according to DIN EN ISO 14119:2014-03


  • Locking module to monitor
    - Actuator and key position
    - Doors and entries
    - Locking module position
  • Module expansions possible only above the module
  • Standby current or load current principle
  • Optionally with manual unlocking
  • With integrated LEDs for status indication
  • This modules are also available in stainless steel