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BH 9098

Motor Load Transmitter

BH 9098

Nominal voltage

Auxiliary voltage

Nominal current max


  • 0055543
  • BH9098.90 AC230V AC24A
The motor load transmitter BH 9098 monitors the effective load of motors and balanced three... more

Product description

The motor load transmitter BH 9098 monitors the effective load of motors and balanced three phase and single phase systems. Due to the single phase current measuring system, the unit assumes the load is balanced on all phases, as is the norm for motors. The power consumption of the load is continuously monitored and converted into a standard dc current or voltage signal. Two pairs of rotary switches, P1 and P2 set the lower and upper end of the measured range in Watts. When the monitored load is between these set values a proportional output signal is produced. If the monitored load is out side the set range the output signal will remain at minimum or maximum.

Technical specifications

Width: 45 mm
1- / 3-phase: 1, 3
Measuring range max.: 40 A (37 kW)
Auxiliary voltage: Without, AC, DC
Enclosure design: Switch cabinet
Type: BH 9098


  • According to IEC/EN 60255-1
  • As load depending output signals are available
    - 0 ... 20 mA and 0 ... 10 V or
    - 4 ... 20 mA and 2 ... 10 V
  • Measures effective load
  • Adjustment of P1 and P2 on absolute scale
  • For motors up to 22 kW / 400 V or 37 kW / 690 V
  • Adjustable start up delay ta
  • Up to 40 A without external current transformer
  • As option for single phase loads
  • LED indicators
  • Width 45 mm