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Solid-state relay / contactor

PI 9260

Load voltage

Load current

Semiconductor output

Control voltage

Approvals and Markings


  • 0067462
  • PI9260.92/000/06 AC48-480V 30/12A
The solid-state relay PI 9260 was developed for switching resistive threephase A.C. current... more

Product description

The solid-state relay PI 9260 was developed for switching resistive threephase A.C. current loads, and therefore serves as a replacement for an electronic contactor. Both 2-phase and 3-phase controlled versions are available. The DCB technology (direct copper bonding) ensures very good thermal transmission, so that high load currents are possible. The solidstate relay can be mounted on a variety of cooling surfaces. The device is also available as a ready-to-use version with a pre-dimensioned heat sink. This can simply be snapped onto a wide DIN rail. An LED display signals the status of the control input. The voltage range of 4 to 32 V allows for operation on digital controllers (PLC) or simple temperature regulators.

Technical specifications

Widths: 67,5 mm
Number of poles: 2-pole, 3-pole
Load voltage up to: AC 600 V
Load current up to: 60 A
On/Off Input Control: DC, AC
Auxiliary voltage: DC 24 V
Peak reverse voltage up to: 1600 Vp
Type: PI 9260


  • High switching frequency and long life
  • With heat sink for DIN rail mounting
  • Silent vibration and shock resistance
  • Providing outstanding EMC properties


  • Three Phase AC solid-state contactor
  • Meets generally the requirements of IEC/EN 60947-4-3
  • Zero cross or immediate switching
  • 2 anti-parallel thyristors for each pole
  • Direct copper bonded (DCB) technology
  • Self-lifting box contact terminals
  • Peak reverse voltage up to ±1600Vp
  • Wide range AC and DC input control voltage
  • Delivered with integrated heat sink for DIN rail mounting
  • IP20 Touch protection