Radio Controlled Safety System

Wireless Functional Safety – Group mode

SAFEMASTER W – Radio Controlled Safety System

Wireless Functional Safety in group mode

The radio controlled safety system UH 6900 of the SAFEMASTER W series comprising a group controller and up to 255 group receivers for the safety transmission of emergency-stop and control functions provides more flexibility when securing dangerous areas. The group controller can be used to let several receivers securely shut down through a unidirectional, safety radio transmission. Furthermore, the controller together with a receiver can exchange indicator, control and status information. The main application areas include mobile applications, such as completely-automated floor conveyors and automated guided vehicles.

Funk-Sicherheitssystem Gruppenbetrieb

Your advantages at a glance

Unidirectional with indication signals

Wireless safe signal transmission ensures a high level of availability, even in rough wide ranging and difficult to access plants

Safe signal transmission

Safe radio transmission of emergency stop functions offers additional flexibility in protecting hazardous areas

Highest safety standards

Suitable for use in safety applications up to Cat. 4 / PL e or SIL 3


The range in open areas is up to 800m allowing exceptional signal coverage

Signal strength

Adjustable transmission power offers variable area coverage

Spektrum AnalyseSpectrum analysis

The integrated Spectrum Analyzer provides a quick overview of all available channels

Group mode and start options

Adjustable group mode with several start options allows customized system adaptation

Diagnostic options via USB

Status display and data logging via the free SAFEMASTER W Manager software, extends functionality and simplifies set up

2-Channel safety inputs

Connect up to 3 two-channel safety functions (E-stop, light curtain, safety gate, two-hand mode, etc.)

Control functions

Up to 8 function inputs and outputs

Indication contact
(Group controller)

One indication output with 3 contact paths

Forcibly guided contacts
(Group receiver)

One safety output with 3 redundant contact paths

Zertifizierte Sicherheit

Certified safety

The SAFEMASTER W series is approved for use in safety applications up to Cat. 4 / PL e or SIL 3. The latest radio controlled technology ensures reliable protection for people, machinery, and the environment.

Betriebsart 1: Kompletter Schutzbetrieb

Basic function:

Group mode

Safe shutdown of all group receivers

The radio controlled safety system UH 6900 in group mode, transmits safety signals from the group controller to one or more group receivers.

Up to three 2-channel safety sensors (such as emergency-stop, light curtain, safety gate, etc.) can be connected to the controller. After actuating one of these safety functions, the safety outputs of all group receivers shut down in a safe and reliable manner. This is accomplished by each receivers 3 x redundant safety contact paths.

Three hard wired safety sensors can be connected to each group receiver which can then operate its own safety contact output.

● ● ● ● ● Safety-oriented shutdown

Function expansion

Group mode with feedback

Control and report – bidirectional communication

Group mode with reaction coupling

Group shutdown by every participant – wireless and from any location

Function expansion:

Group mode with feedback

Control and report – bidirectional communication

By pairing the group controller with a group receiver using the SAFEMASTER W Manager software, additional control, indication and status information can be exchanged between these devices.

Through the ability to transmit bidirectional signals, very remote receivers are also able to receive information, e.g. that the control command has been executed.

Each of the 8 digital inputs act on the 8 digital outputs of the coupled device, so they can be used for user-specific control functions – wirelessly without additional installation wiring costs.

The indication output with three contact paths forwards the status of the safety output of the paired group receiver to the controller.

● ● ● ● ● Safety-oriented shutdown

● ● ● ● ● Indication / control signals

Betriebsart 2: Kreuzbetrieb
Betriebsart 3: Schutzbetrieb mit zuschaltbarem Funk

Function expansion:

Group mode with reaction coupling

Group shutdown by every participant – wireless and from any location

The group mode setting with reaction coupling provides a facility for the group shutdown. If the safety function of a group receiver is activated, the local safety output switches off and the output contacts of all the other group subscribers are not safety-oriented shut down.

This function expansion can be optionally activated with the SAFEMASTER W Manager software and offers some advantages, especially when processes are coordinated with each other. If, e.g., a local emergency-stop is actuated in a zone, all system parts that are participating are also shut down.

● ● ● ● ● Safety-oriented shutdown

● ● ● ● ● Group shutdown

Quick start in just 3 steps

1. Quickly and easily set the operating mode using the rotary switch

2. Select frequency channel using SAFEMASTER W Manager

3. Set transmission power using SAFEMASTER W Manager

The possibilities of UH 6900

Practical application

Complete protection for mobile systems and plants

The radio controlled safety system UH 6900 makes best use of its inherent advantages in wide ranging and mobile systems where wiring is not possible, e.g. in logistics with automated guided vehicles (AGV).

With the group controller in the switch cabinet, all AGV’s can be safety switched off during an emergency stop. This guarantees safety during service or maintenance procedures and on installation.

In addition, each AGV can be locally switched off during a dangerous situation. With “Group mode with reaction coupling” all subscribers in the group can also be simultaneously stopped, which prevents a possible collision with the stationary AGV.

During maintenance or service work, the maintenance staff (forklift in Zone 2) can communicate through the “Group mode with feedback” function with the PLC. For example, certain zones can be blocked or released to let service work be carried out unimpaired in an active zone.

● ● ● ● ● Safety-oriented shutdown

● ● ● ● ● Group shutdown

● ● ● ● ● Indication / control signals

Betriebsart 3: Schutzbetrieb mit zuschaltbarem Funk

Best possible safety for all industries

  • Intralogistics

  • Machine building industry

  • Paper and printing industry

  • Food industry

  • Automotive industry

  • Recycling industry

  • Packaging machines

  • Mining and steel industry

  • Gantry cranes

  • Transportation and conveying technology

  • Wind energy systems

  • Ship building and harbour systems

  • Construction materials industry

… and anywhere else where safety is the highest priority. Also in your industry!

Innovative safety solutions

As a solution provider in the field of safe automation and electrical safety, DOLD offers a comprehensive portfolio from a single source. Our SAFEMASTER solutions have been used successfully worldwide for many decades.